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Nature’s Ghost

Artist:  Shark Toof

Location: Old Dr. Joe’s Building (Corner of Eau Gallie Blvd and Pineapple Avenue)

Shark Toof is best known internationally for his iconic wheat paste image of a hand drawn shark with TOOF in the mouth. Although the shark’s reputation is often fearsome, Toof uses the image instead to give strength, optimism, and possibility to the viewer. His use of expressive, layered strokes and contrasting colors allows the onlooker to seek their own expression and inner voice. The shark icon is a voice of rebellion, a conduit for the unheard, and an homage to graffiti art and its purpose.

His most recent accomplishments include a second showing at the Chinese American Museum where he is part of their permanent collection, a show with The Everhart Museum in Pennsylvania, and two 100 foot murals located in Los Angeles and Miami. Shark Toof’s murals have become internationally recognized through media such as Lebron James’ commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Apple’s newest iPad commercial.

Shark Toof lives and works in Los Angeles.

Rites of Release

Artist:  Dave Thomas

Location: 587 West Eau Gallie Blvd (across from Ace Hardware)

Dave Thomas is a fine art painter based in Norwalk, CT, specializing in fingerprints. Born into a military family, he traveled the world before studying Studio Art in college. During a year in Florida, he began his experiments with fingerprints. He is now using his fingerprinting technique within portraiture with the fingerprints representing not only the identity but as a metaphor for civilization or mankind. He pairs the shapes with color to create stake symbols with an ominous tone to reflect the way in which he has come to see reality.

All Things Eau Gallie

Artist:  Christopher Maslow 

Location: Eau Gallie Square, Corner of Eau Gallie Blvd and Highland Ave

Muralist Christopher Maslow, a native Melbourne artist was selected to design and paint the Mural. Early on he has been on the cutting edge of the surfer, skateboarder, Graffiti Art culture. As founder of Slow Inc., he has had his work featured in Las Vegas “Crime on Canvas.” Working in the “classic” medium of spray paint with Nicole Pritchett, his fiancée and able assistant, they took two months to complete the intricate detailing required.


Artist:  Christopher Maslow

Location: 1490 Highland Avenue

Link and Alexis Johnsten, owners of the Eau Gallie Florist Shop, host this Chris Maslow mural of a hummingbird bird sipping nectar from the live climbing bougainvillea on their store’s south wall. Chris created a masterful integration of his multicolored feathered friend.

Look Around You

Artist:  Andrew Spear

Location: 1590 Highland Avenue

Covering the entire south wall of Maxine’s Salon & Spa, Andrew’s work required extensive undercoat preparation. Andrew J. Spear was born and raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts and attended the Art Institute of Boston, later transferring to the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. After traveling the country, he landed in New York City, where his artistic career took off. Spear is now an established mural artist in Orlando.

Colonel Pepper’s Circus

Artist:  Nancy Dillen

Location: 1542 Guava Ave

Florida native Nancy Dillen created a brilliantly colorful, magical mural on the building. Nancy is our most scholastically endowed muralist, with a Masters in Art Education, post-graduate work and 35 years of art education at Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State College). In 2007, Nancy was commissioned to create the first public art for the City of Melbourne, a low mosaic monument at the foot of the Eau Gallie Pier.

Taking Part

Artist: GG

Location: 1372 Highland Ave (facing Montreal Avenue)

Venezuelan born, Miami based self-taught mural artist Gabriel Gimenez, who uses ‘GG’ as his professional mark, paints the entire wall in POP Art style with a hot air balloon arriving in a tropical paradise that morphs into an urban cityscape. He has produced art in the Wynwood arts district of Miami and does easel art plus has a line of accessories.


Sonic Vortex

Artist: Community Volunteers

Location: Alley behind Ralph’s Art Supplies

After projecting the design onto the building, community volunteers literally painted circles around themselves, on doors and awnings to create this amazing visual mural.