CategoryBusiness NameMailing AddressPhoneContact E-mail
AccountantsRichard M Bonas, CPA
(321)255-3499E-mail link
Art Galleries & AntiquesArt and Antique Studio1419 Highland Ave(321)253-5553E-mail link
Art Galleries & AntiquesArt Expressions1405 Highland Ave(321)259-1492E-mail link
Art Galleries & AntiquesDerek Gores Gallery587 W. Eau Gallie BlvdE-mail link
Art Galleries & AntiquesFifth Avenue Art Gallery1470 Highland Ave(321)259-8261E-mail link
Art Galleries & AntiquesFunk's Antiquary
1402 Highland Ave(321)427-6795E-mail link
Automotive ServicesC & D Auto Center1399 N Harbor City Blvd(321) 254-2203E-mail link
Catering/Event ServicesEau Gallie Florist1490 Highland Ave(321)254-2584E-mail link
Catering/Event ServicesStraw Hat Barmen(321) 544-1641E-mail link
Civic AssociationsEau Gallie RotaryE-mail link
Civic AssociationsJunior League of South Brevard1501 Avocado AvenueE-mail link
Computer/Tech ServicesCodecraft Lab1423 Highland Ave(321) 209-4674E-mail link
Computer/Tech ServicesCraig Technologies(321)613-5620E-mail link
Computer/Tech ServicesHotAir Network Group587 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 574-2692E-mail link
Construction/ArchitectsConstruction Engineering Group, LLC2651 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 253-1221E-mail link
Construction/ArchitectsDiPrima Construction(321) 777-2500E-mail link
Construction/ArchitectsJackson Kirschner Architects & Assoc1435 Highland Ave(321) 253-1952E-mail link
Cultural Organizations/EntertainmentBrevard Symphony Orchestra1500 Highland Ave(321) 242-2024E-mail link
Cultural Organizations/EntertainmentFoosaner Art Museum, FIT(321) 674-8923E-mail link
Cultural Organizations/EntertainmentNot Quite Right Comedy Improv2668 Lowell Cir(321) 626-2300E-mail link
Dance/Exercise StudiosBrevard Ballet Academy1399 Highland Ave(321) 622-4713E-mail link
Dance/Exercise StudiosCrossFit Rise Above1054 Cypress Ave(321) 323-9348E-mail link
Hair SalonsAllaprima Styling Group1540 Highland Ave(321) 255-5300E-mail link
Hair SalonsEnVogue Salon535 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 241-6475E-mail link
Hair SalonsLeslie Taylor Hair Inc.587 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 544-8598E-mail link
Home and DecorativeCircle Redmont, Inc.E-mail link
Home and DecorativeRehab Vintage Market1442 N. Harbor City BlvdE-mail link
InsuranceIntercoastal Insurance690 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321)253-2662E-mail link
Marine ServicesEau Gallie Yacht Basin587 Young St(321)242-6577E-mail link
MedicalClevens Face and Body Specialists707 W. Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 727-3223E-mail link
MedicalEau Gallie Medical Center1403 Highland Ave(321) 751-1414
Photography StudioErika Masterson Fine Art Imagery, Audible Images1610 Pineapple Ave(321)626-1697E-mail link
Photography StudioIntimate Images533 W. Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 242-8418E-mail link
Real Estate ServicesCurri Kirschner Real Estate Group LLC1332 DeSoto St(321) 729-6000E-mail link
Real Estate ServicesHarrell Real Estate
(321) 243-9707E-mail link
Real Estate ServicesPineapple Farms274 E Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 890-5314E-mail link
Real Estate ServicesReal Estate Direct565 Montreal Ave(321) 254-0688E-mail link
Real Estate ServicesRichards Appraisal Service598 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321)255-5108E-mail link
Religious OrganizationsSt Paul's United Methodist Church1591 Highland Ave(321) 254-6363E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesBonefish Willy's2459 Pineapple Avenue(321) 253-8888E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesChef Mario's Cafe1437 Highland Ave(321) 241-4890E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesIntracoastal Brewing Company652 W Eau Gallie Blvd(321) 872-7395E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesJoan's Perfect Pies1478 Highland Ave(321)610-7953E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesMathers' Cake Shop1431 Highland Ave(321)254-1700E-mail link
Restaurants & BakeriesStarbucks(321) 403-1947E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesAtlantic Environmental Solutions, Inc.657 Montreal Ave(321) 676-1505E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesEau Gallie Ace Hardware590 W. Eau Gallie Blvd(321)254-3261E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesFlowers Turf and Pest Management1953 Guava Ave(321)254-9129E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesHot Rayz Limousines1653 N. Harbor City Blvd(321) 412-2202E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesIndian River Wealth Consulting at UBS Financial(321) 722-5427E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesJ & S Cyclery1293 N Harbor City Blvd(321) 254-2888E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesPlanned Celebrations(321) 259-3464E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesSlug A Bug2091 N Harbor City Blvd(321)259-7844E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesThe Horn Section1408 Highland Ave(321) 255-4676E-mail link
Retail Businesses & Service IndustriesYour Logo by Geiger720 Saint Clair St(321) 259-4266E-mail link
Senior ServicesVictoria Landing1279 Houston Street(321) 622-6730E-mail link
Web Design/MarketingGlobal Marketing (GMRS)(321) 723-7013E-mail link
Web Design/MarketingMcBride Marketing Group668 Law St(321)259-1795E-mail link